Parched by the Padres

Sunday, May 1, 2005–Padres 2, Diamondbacks 5

The day we left Albuquerque to go on this trip was the same day the “runaway bride” media firestorm came to a head. So a few hours after we left the Albuquerque Sunport in its ordinary state–quiet and empty–the place became a media circus. Over the continental breakfast the following day, one of the morning news shows was making quite a big deal over the story, and there it was: our quiet, calm airport packed with cameramen and other such bloodhounds. We were glad to have missed it. We stayed at the La Quinta in Irvine, which is a repurposed grain elevator right next to the railroad tracks. The rooms that are actually in the former storage bins are these super-funky bare concrete octogons with all the standard hotel furnishings.

This was another trip to visit Grandma in Orange County, and then to go up the coast to Portland to visit a friend there, so we only spent one day in San Diego. It was a day game, so we got to the parking lot in the morning and ventured on foot and by public transit. There was some sort of street festival going on, and mom got a practical but very silly hat. The stadium is amazing. This is probably the best-known work of UNM Alum and Albuquerque resident Antoine Predock, and it is as beautiful as it is innovative. Too bad Predock can’t always get that “beautiful” part right. If this were an architectural criticism blog, I could devote a number of posts to atrocities Predock has perpetrated in his home state. Anyways, back to San Diego…

The Diamondbacks beat the Padres, 5-2. Javier Vasquez went all nine,  beating Woody Williams, and Phil Nevin hit a homer for the home team in the ninth. I get all this from the scorecard, and a lot more, but all I really remember–aside from the four or five deep fly balls that looked like sure home runs and didn’t even make the warning trackis the tight grip Padres management keeps on water.

You can’t bring a bottle of more than 16 oz. into the ballpark, there are no drinking fountains and the sinks in the bathrooms dispense only hot water and are designed to make refilling a bottle impossible. How many $6 waters did I buy? None, me and my folks went back to our octagon parched.

But here’s one niggling little detail. I was listening over my Walkman, and apparently the Padres broadcasters must have felt the game was as unmemorable at the time as I do now. At one point, they were so bored that they started talking about the view outside their window, and somehow the line came out, “what, the curtains?” If you know the reference, and notice that I’d remember it more than six years later, you know a lot about me already.

Check out the scorecard.