Gameday programs

Here are the gameday programs for (almost) all of the Major League games I’ve been to in the past decade. Click for a larger picture and more information.


2 thoughts on “Gameday programs

  1. Bob, you need to come back to Dodger Stadium! After spending beaucoup bucks on players, the new ownership revamped the stadium. As you know, I sit on the field level, and haven’t really gone to other parts of the ballpark. There are two major team stores at the left and right field entrances. They’ve created an entrance plaza at each entrance, and have a bar with big screen TVs on each plaza. The retired uniform numbers are on a strip attached to the loge level, rather than on the pavilions. There are two Jumbotrons on top of the pavilions which replaced the Diamondvision and scoreboard signs. The right field Jumbotron displays the lineups during each inning, which is helpful when there’s a double switch. They have a display for the pitcher, including his stats as the game progresses. BTW, I started buying season tickets after I retired.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for checking in. Don’t know when I’ll be in Southern California again, but I’ll be in touch and if it’s during baseball season I’d love to check out the changes.

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