Free, downloadable, blank scorecards

Ok, so maybe you’ve read my introduction to keeping score and want to give it a try. Or maybe you’re a baseball fan who–like me–enjoys keeping score but find that the scorecards at your local yard are not really designed all that well (or perhaps you just don’t feel like shelling out the 1-5 bucks every game you go to). From my own experience, I find that a good many of the Major League venues I’ve been to will be happy to sell me a scorecard, those cards are just a way to put two or three more advertisements into my hands, and were probably not designed by anybody who’s ever actually tried to score a baseball game.

Well, I offer relief, in the form of absolutely free, easy-to-print, low-calorie, high-fiber, large box scorecards. Download ’em, modify ’em, customize ’em, print ’em out and bring ’em to the next game and be the envy of all those scorekeeping friends who are still trying to squeeze a play into those teeny-tiny boxes.

  • This one allows for a whole game’s plays to be shown on a single 8½×11 sheet, at the expense of pitcher’s lines.
  • This one is more spacious and allows for much greater in-depth information to be presented. One copy only allows for one team’s offensive innings to be displayed, so two are needed for each game. Simply print out two copies (or one on each side of a single sheet) and take to the game.



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