Changes, Updates and Announcements

(I’ve got one of each)

The change was not initiated by me, but rather by MLB Advanced Media, which decided—unilaterally and without any advance notice—that the entire “MLB universe,” including all MLBlogs, shall be subjected to advertisements. Aside from the natural complaint this generates, namely that pharmaceutical companies and makers of ice cream sandwiches arent giving me any money to advertize on my blog, I also have a philosophical objection to advertizing in general. Therefore, I have shifted to a new blogging platform, which has in turn necessitated slight adjustments to the look and feel of the blog’s new home.

Since I was forced to work on the blog anyways, I decided to stop putting off posting the pictures I took in St. Louis, so I have updated that post as well.

Finally, an announcement. It is now official, I will be going to the Civil Rights Game in Atlanta next month. It will be a short trip, and will not involve much travel outside the city (I have to fly both ways—my legs are already complaining about that), but I will keep a daily travelogue all the same, so be on the lookout for that starting just a little more than a month from now.


A decade in the making…

Just thought I’d pass along a note, it was right about this time ten years ago today that my dad, my grandma and I took off from her place in Irvine and went up the Santa Ana Freeway to Anaheim for an Angles game. It would be several months before I knew what that little jaunt would be the start of… But it seemed right to mark the occasion.

I guess I gotta go to St. Louis…

Hello again! In the Baseball World, things are starting to heat up in Florida and Arizona, but here in the high mountain desert of Nuevo Mexico, it’s still a bit chilly and blustery. Nonetheless, today I could feel just a hint of the coming summer. Today, I took what is always the first step on one of these ballpark tour trips: I bought the tickets to the game. Little details—whether I go by plane or train, whether I’ll have company or be flying solo, where I’ll be staying and the itinerary for the trip—still need to be worked out. But there’s plenty of time. I don’t anticipate returning to daily posts until I actually embark on my next trip, but I expect I will be “touching up” things around here, adding little notes and anecdotes and so on.

I wrote several months ago that I wanted to see a real rivalry game, and the only way to do that without repeating a ballpark would be to catch the Cubbies sometime when they’re visiting the Cardinals in St. Louis. I found out about a week ago that single-game tickets go on sale today at 9 am. Because today’s game was one I figured might be in high demand, I was at the computer with the mouse hovering over the “buy tickets” button on the website at 8:59. I pressed the button as soon as I saw the clock switch over. Consequently, I was right at the front of the “virtual line” and “only” had to wait five minutes, but I got my ticket to exactly the game I wanted. Now I guess I gotta go to St. Louis.

Site updates for September

Hello! As I said, I would be continuing to work on the blog even when strand… er, staying in the Duke City (where I am without baseball, as the Minor League season has ended.) Several things have happened since I signed off at the end of August, and those have led to new additions.

  1. I found a site ( which has allowed me to piece together the scorecards for the two games on the tour before I took up the practice: Anaheim and Los Angeles.
  2. I scanned in the covers of all the programs in my collection, and re-read a number of them to find interesting ads and articles.
  3. I dug up other interesting artifacts that I have collected and wrote briefly on some of the memories those elicited—and gave myself an excuse to put up a cute picture of my cat.

And here’s some of what I’ll be working on in October (or November, or December…):

  • An article on what effect filling out a scorecard nine years after the fact has had on my memory of the games in question.
  • The story of my quest (as yet unsuccessful) to find a replacement for the Angels program I never bought—but should have.
  • A page with cumulative batting and pitching stats for all the players I have seen on the tour.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve enjoyed this little yawn and stretch, but it’s time to go back into hibernation… for now.