The legacy tablet

I am posting this from my hotel room in downtown Atlanta, but I first entered a good deal of it into my legacy tablet 30,000 feet over the Colorado Rockies and the Mississippi basin. I am excited to be here, and excited for tomorrow’s game, and yet at the same time, I do go into this leg of my ballpark tour with a fair amount of trepidation. I’ve alluded to this in the past, but for a long time I took a very dim view of any team that chose a stereotypical team name, logo, or cheer. In Major League Baseball, the two biggest offenders are the Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves.

So great was my indignant outrage in ’95, I didn’t even watch the World Series when those two franchises faced off. Since then, Atlanta has enjoyed much more success on the diamond, and have therefore recieved the brunt of my enmity. Even as recently as 2009, I distinctly remember declaring my “grand” tour to be halfway complete during those three days between the game in Miami and the one in Tampa Bay—in other words, after ballpark number 14, implying that I would consider the tour “finished” after #28. Obviously, my feelings have softened considerably since then. After all, I have been to Cleveland and am in Atlanta.

Still… I’m not completely comfortable about these two. As I’ve said before, I wanted to get to the Civil Rights Game, and it was convenient that it is being held in a city I need to cross off my list anyways, but also figuring in that decision was the thought that just maybe—in an event designed to celebrate victories (on the field and off) over bigotry, intolerance and other similar forms of ignorance—the Braves might just see fit to go light on their tomahawk chops.


About to take off again

Getting into the dog days of August, and it’s just about time for me to hop on a plane (or two or three or four) and cross another ballpark off my list. I will be spending the weekend in Atlanta for the Civil Rights Game on Saturday. My flight in arrives so late Friday and the flight out leaves so early Monday that for all intents and purposes, I will only be in Atlanta for two days. Nonetheless, I will try to put as much into a “traveloguette” for this trip as I did for the longer train trips I’ve taken in the past. Hope you enjoy!

Spreading my wings again

It kinda snuck up on me, with school and all, but the dates on my various baseball tickets are sneaking up on me, so I guess I better get going. I leave Tuesday for the Twin Cities. Like my trip last year, I will take care of the part I enjoy the least—flying—first, and then come back via train, with stops in Milwaukee and St. Louis. Learning from my trip last year, I will be doing something a little differently, I am making sure that all my train travel will be during the daytime. My tagline for this blog is “Seeing America, one ballpark at a time,” and you don’t see very much at night.

So, when you hear from me next, I’ll be somewhere in Minnesota to begin the travelogue again. I hope you enjoy going on this trip with me.

Hello world!

Howdy! I am a writer and Baseball fan living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In early summer 2002, I went to visit my Grandma and see some friends in Southern California. Sometime during that trip, with nothing better to do, I went to an Angels game at “The Big A”.

Little did I know what that would be the start of. Later that year, on a longer family outing, I went to Chavéz Ravine for a Dodgers game. By then, I had hit upon the hare-brained scheme of going to see a ballgame at every park in the majors. (I blame MasterCard and their “Baseball Roadtrip” series of ads for this.) Now, nine years later, I have been to twenty of the thirty MLB ballparks. In August, I leave on a trip to cross three (and possibly four) more off my list.

Here’s the low-down: I fly to Washington, see a Nationals game, then take Amtrak back home, getting off at Pittsburgh and Cleveland, and possibly taking a side-trip to Detroit. Because I am a writer, I’d like to keep a little travelogue going, with just a few hundred words each day about the people I meet, the places I visit, and (of course) the games I see. In the days leading up to that, I will be posting little summaries of the games I’ve already been to, along with some of the stories that went along with them. I hope you’ll enjoy going on this little trip with me.