Layover Blues…

I write from Houston, where I am midway on my way to the trip to cross the last two ballparks off my list: Detroit and Cincinnati. I’m sure once I’m actually on my way or on the ground, I’ll be more excited than I am now. I will have been to every Major League ballpark. It’s something I have been wanting to do and working towards for the better part of fourteen years now. 

But right now, what I find myself thinking right now is that flying itself is a lot like work. Or, at least I come away from a flight (or a long layover, or the line to the check-in counter or the line to security or the line to board the bloody plane) leaves me as drained as work does but without any of the feeling that I actually accomplished something. So, today I had to be up and at the airport earlier than when I ordinary have to be at work, and I wouldn’t have touched down in Detroit until very nearly the time I would be leaving the office. 

And that’s on a good travel day. Between mechanical problems on the plane from Albuquerque and a slew of delays caused by bad weather in Houston, I’ll be lucky if I get into my room before midnight. So, hopefully there will be exciting discoveries, good baseball and happy blogging on this trip, but it looks like that’s going to have to wait for the morrow.


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