In the cards 

I’m blogging from a Lobo baseball game. As usual, I’ve got my scorecard. But I am finding my attitude towards them are changing. I used to get real involved in wanting to make sure my cards accurately reflected what happened in the game, to the point of wanting to go online after a game was over and looking up the play- by- play and all the roster moves and everything. But I’ve decided because all that stuff is already being stored a hundred fifty million places online. So I still enjoy the exercise of completing a scorecard, the way it makes you more aware of patterns during the game and then how it enhances memory of remarkable plays after the game is over.

But what if I miss a play? I won’t know if a run is earned or not. I won’t know how many at-bats a player has. In short, I won’t be able to fill out all the player stats on the edges of the card. And this year, I don’t care. I just want to watch a baseball game.


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