Learning to spell

I’ve been having a hell of a time getting the knack of how to spell the name of the city of Cincinnati. I’m trying to get it down so that I can type it without the dreaded red squiggly lines popping up. I got the first part down, it would be like a Can-Can but with “i” instead of “a,” but the second part is giving me more difficulty. I keep wanting to put one “n” and two “t”s.  I’m sure the folks who grew up there have absolutely no problem with it. In fact, they’d probably need some spell-check assistance if they needed to write out my home town of Albuquerque.

Perhaps you’re wondering why this has become such a pressing concern of mine, to want to be able to spell the word “Cincinnati” correctly. As though I expected to be writing it a lot in the coming months. Almost as though I felt like I was going to be going there soon, in fact…


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