Taking off 

Today I leave for my grand Canadian adventure. For purposes of the ballpark tour, I’m “only” knocking one ballpark off my list—I will still need to make other plans, as yet undetermined—to get to Detroit and Cincinnati to finally finish this little obsession of mine.

But the importance of this trip is so much more than that, it’s the first time I’ve been at a job long enough to really need a vacation (and I cannot under-emphasize how badly I need this vacation). More than that, it’s the first time I’ve gotten to travel somewhere new since my weekend in Atlanta, over three years ago. I’ve been to San Francisco several times since then, but it almost feels like that doesn’t count. I’ve got family there and have been to visit so many times that it almost feels like a second home. So this is my first chance to cover completely new ground in quite some time.

I will keep the travelogue going with daily updates—as best I can. If you missed the details of the plan, I am flying to Vancouver and then spending the better part of four days on a train to Toronto where I will see a Blue Jays game before heading home to put nose back to grindstone. It seems coverage in western Ontario is rather spotty, and I might just be having too much fun to bother with the blog, but I will try to get a post every day.


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