Making lemonade 

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to share as I continue my quest to see a game at every Major League Baseball city. I’ve been stuck at 27 for nearly three years now without much of a plan in place to knock those last three out of the park. This year, with the first job I’ve ever had that I began work without the expectation that the job would end in a matter of months, I decided to check out the schedules of the Blue Jays, Tigers and Reds and see if I couldn’t work out some three-city trip like the ones I’ve written about before. And I was able to get the conceptual framework put together for the first week in September.

That was before the lemon dealers extraordinaire (better known as “workforce management”) stuck their collective foot in. To cut a long and extraordinarily tedious story short, the days I would have needed off  to make my planned trip work and be relaxed enough for me to still consider it a vacation. It took some effort and some creative thought, but I eventually hit on the notion of just going to one game and making more of that trip. I don’t know exactly how the thought of the Vancouver-Toronto train came to mind, but once it did, a little wheeling and dealing got me some time the week before, which turned out to be perfect to work the train into my plans. But what about Detroit and Cincinnati? Well, I can always wait till next year.

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