Unlucky Thirteen?

It might appear that I’ve been neglecting this blog, as the entire 2013 baseball season has come and gone with nary a post. Well, I haven’t posted anything for the simple reason that I didn’t have anything to post. A summer job kept me from any travel for the first half of the season, and difficulty replacing that job made me unwilling to undertake any significant travel since it ended. Therefore, this has been the first year since 2001 that I have not been to at least one Major League Baseball game and knocked at least one team off my list

This little setback does not mean that I’ve abandoned my goal. Either goal, really. I still intend to see a game at every Major League team’s home park and I still intend to write about the experience. I am still only three ballparks away from the first goal, and I must be approaching 10,000 words towards the second on this blog alone.

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