Changes, Updates and Announcements

(I’ve got one of each)

The change was not initiated by me, but rather by MLB Advanced Media, which decided—unilaterally and without any advance notice—that the entire “MLB universe,” including all MLBlogs, shall be subjected to advertisements. Aside from the natural complaint this generates, namely that pharmaceutical companies and makers of ice cream sandwiches arent giving me any money to advertize on my blog, I also have a philosophical objection to advertizing in general. Therefore, I have shifted to a new blogging platform, which has in turn necessitated slight adjustments to the look and feel of the blog’s new home.

Since I was forced to work on the blog anyways, I decided to stop putting off posting the pictures I took in St. Louis, so I have updated that post as well.

Finally, an announcement. It is now official, I will be going to the Civil Rights Game in Atlanta next month. It will be a short trip, and will not involve much travel outside the city (I have to fly both ways—my legs are already complaining about that), but I will keep a daily travelogue all the same, so be on the lookout for that starting just a little more than a month from now.


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