Roundin’ third and headin’ for home

I’ve been crossing ballparks off my list two and three at a time for nearly a decade now, and while twos and threes don’t seem very impressive by themselves, they do add up. In my case, they’ve added up to twenty-six. This is over ¾ of the way towards my goal, and so, with the end in sight, it seems like time to make some definite plans. I’m rounding third and heading for home, should I slide, or go in standing up?

For the past five years, Major League Baseball has been holding an event called the Civil Rights Game. It’s a weekend of events to celebrate the history of the civil rights movement and the achievements of black ballplayers, culminating in a baseball game. This year’s game is going to be in Atlanta. It’s a game I’ve been vaguely interested in going to for several years now, and—oh, by the way—Atlanta is one of the four remaining ballparks. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Now, here’s something I did have to do a little thinking about: how I was going to get to the other three cities. I really like the model of the last two trips—fly out to the most distant city and then come back on the ground. I’ve discovered that one of the most highly-reccomended train routes in Canada is between Toronto and Windsor, which is right across the river from Detroit. From there, it’s a five-hour bus route to Cincinnati. I think it’s appropriate to end my tour in Cincinnati, the birthplace of professional baseball. I expect to make this trip sometime during the 2013 season. All these plans are tentative—for now.

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