Site updates for September

Hello! As I said, I would be continuing to work on the blog even when strand… er, staying in the Duke City (where I am without baseball, as the Minor League season has ended.) Several things have happened since I signed off at the end of August, and those have led to new additions.

  1. I found a site ( which has allowed me to piece together the scorecards for the two games on the tour before I took up the practice: Anaheim and Los Angeles.
  2. I scanned in the covers of all the programs in my collection, and re-read a number of them to find interesting ads and articles.
  3. I dug up other interesting artifacts that I have collected and wrote briefly on some of the memories those elicited—and gave myself an excuse to put up a cute picture of my cat.

And here’s some of what I’ll be working on in October (or November, or December…):

  • An article on what effect filling out a scorecard nine years after the fact has had on my memory of the games in question.
  • The story of my quest (as yet unsuccessful) to find a replacement for the Angels program I never bought—but should have.
  • A page with cumulative batting and pitching stats for all the players I have seen on the tour.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve enjoyed this little yawn and stretch, but it’s time to go back into hibernation… for now.

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