Thinking blue OR The madness begins

Sunday, August 11, 2002–Dodgers 3, Phillies 6

I don’t really remember much about this game. What I do know is that it was sometime, either heading out to California or maybe even during the game itself that I decided I was going to try to see every ballpark in the majors, hence the alternate title to this post. It was August of 2002. I went with my parents on the train out to SoCal. The game was the same evening we arrived, and we only had two tickets, so Mom visited with grandma while Dad and I went to the yard.

Dodger Stadium is amazing, I remember that well enough. The organ, the Dodger Dogs, that groovy scoreboard. There really is something about an organ at a ballpark, and so many of the ones I’ve visited seem like they want to be hosting a rock concert between innings. I’ve been to 20 ballparks over the years, and there isn’t a one that brings me back to my childhood and the Albuquerque Sports Stadium–home of the departed and lamented Albuquerque Dukes–quite like Dodger Stadium.

My dad and I went with one of his library school chums, who had a season ticket in the front row and bleeds Dodger blue. She was able to buy off two of her neigbors’ seats for us. As a way of introducing the stadium to me, dad printed out an e-mail she’d sent with pictures of the time she’d gotten to throw out the first pitch at a game. She says the schedule for pregame festivities is scripted to the minute. We found her to be quite the multitasker. She had her Walkman and a scorebook, and was able to manage keeping score of the game while keeping up conversations with us and at least two of the other season ticket regulars, all without leaving anyone feeling left out. One thing I picked up from her was that I noticed that she changed pens to a different color every time a pitching change was made. It’s a practice I keep up to this day (except when I get forgetful and leave my colored pens at home).

Unfortunately, this was before I started scoring ballgames myself, so I can’t offer much by way of game information. The Dodgers lost to the Phillies and the pitching matchup was Randy Wolf (back before he became a Dodger) vs. Odalis Perez. Please don’t ask me how I remember that detail, ’cause I really have no idea. I seem to remember that the Dodgers had an early lead and let it get away. I remember Dad asking our hostess “Where’s this Eric Gagne fellow we’ve been hearing so much about?”
     And because the Dodgers were behind, there was just a hint of bitterness in the answer, “He only pitches if it’s a save situation.”

Here’s the scorecard (completed and added to post on September 18, 2011, so it’s only 9 years tardy).

One thought on “Thinking blue OR The madness begins

  1. I got the idea for using colored pens from the woman who sat behind me (with her family). I have a bag (I bought a backpack, which will be easier to use for games.) I used to put my pens in a Ziploc bag, but my newest fanny pack (bought at Big 5 Sporting Goods) has three pouches. During the season I keep my pens in the second pouch.

    My seat is near the right-field foul pole, one aisle to the right as you face the stadium from right field and five rows up. I’m on the aisle, which is inconvenient when people enter or leave their seats when the ball is in play. Look for the woman wearing a hat with lots of pins — that’s moi.

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